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    What the FAQ

    We are a place to buy, sell and review plant medicine and an assortment of natural, holistic and community supporting products online. 

    In an effort to educate and inform the public about natural, plant based pharmaceutical alternatives to pain medicine and other petroleum based products, we created videos that got worldwide attention on tiktok. After generating over 10M views across three accounts we decided it was time to leverage our community for an enterprise of good.

    We are working to build this site into a place where you can easily create your own shop page to sell and market your products. Please sign up for our mailing list if you are interested in becoming a vendor or want the latest info on our launch

    We are hoping ot launch in the coming month so stay tuned!

    The community we started is what will keep everyone honest. We want to build a community where products are reviewed honestly and information on healing is shared.

    So if you have a small batch product you would like to sell, is a resource for your to sell your products without a website or social media account. We can help even the least tech savvy to get a secondary source of income as they work their healing arts. We will act as the website, marketing team, and credit card processor in return for a small percentage of each sale. 

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